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Since 1971, Lake County Free Clinic (LCFC) has operated under one mission: to address the unmet health care needs of the residents of our community through the provision of quality medical and dental care. LCFC is the only free clinic in a 3.5-county radius for those who are uninsured, underinsured or otherwise unable to access needed care. LCFC volunteer and staff providers offer treatment visits, laboratories, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, education and support to individuals and families looking to improve their immediate and long-term medical and dental needs. As a result of this care, patients have seen their lives improved and saved; those receiving care have the ability to be productive members of their families and their communities.

  • Welcome to LCFC!

    Welcome to Lake County Free Clinic! Thank you for coming alongside our mission as a board member, where you will help shape LCFC today and in the future. From raising funds and awareness to serving on-site, in the community or on a committee, your gifts and talents will go a long way toward ensuring that thousands of northeast Ohioans have access to quality care.

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  • About LCFC

    Our Mission
    Lake County Free Clinic exists to address the unmet healthcare needs of the residents of our community through the provision of quality medical and dental care.

    Our Vision
    An engaged community in which health care needs are met with high quality care while maximizing community resources.

    Our History
    In 1971, LCFC’s behavioral health specialists worked with young adults battling substance use and addiction. They noticed a disturbing trend – many of patients’ family members were struggling with their own health. They began to recruit medical professionals who would volunteer their expertise to help the parents and siblings of their behavioral health patients. Soon, the medical arm grew, and in the 1980s, the two services split, with the behavioral health arm becoming a separate nonprofit.

    Our Patients
    LCFC provides care to adults and children (2 years and up) who are:
    -Uninsured for the needed service.
    -Unable to afford the costs associated with their private or public insurance (deductibles, co-payments, medication, etc.)

    Our Services
    LCFC offers:

    -Medical care for preventive, chronic and acute conditions
    -Dental care for teens and adults.
    -Case management and referrals.
    -Vision and hearing screenings.
    -Lab services for patients.
    -Medication assistance for prescriptions from an LCFC provider.
    -Medical supplies and referrals as needed.

    Our Operations

    Volunteers are the key to a non-profit’s success. On average, LCFC’s medical and dental volunteers donate more than 3,000 hours of their time and expertise each year. All medical and dental volunteers and staff are covered under LCFC’s FTCA malpractice/liability insurance.

    LCFC receives financial support and in-kind donations from individuals, corporations, civic groups and private foundations. While many of these are for general operation, others are program-specific, and LCFC regularly reports progress on goals and objectives to the funding organizations.

    Board of Trustees
    As with other non-profit organizations, LCFC operates under a 13-member board of trustees, made up of community members who want to further the mission of LCFC in northeast Ohio through the development of short- and long-term strategic goals and plans.

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  • Meet the staff

    Executive Director
    W. Martin Hiller
    T: 216-408-2022 |

    Day-to-day oversight of all clinic operations and implementation of board initiatives.



    Development Director
    Stephanie Devers |

          • Fundraising outreach and reporting
          • Donor relations
          • Event management



    Medical Director
    Courtney Gravens |

          • Direct patient care
          • Clinical policies and procedures
          • Medical program implementation


    Community Engagement Director
    Dana Locher |

          • Volunteer recruitment and training
          • Development of partnerships
          • Community outreach/awareness


    Clinical Coordinator
    Emily Burke, RN

          • Direct patient care
          • Pharmacy/inventory management
          • Phlebotomy


    Case Manager
    Paola Wooten, MSW

          • Direct patient care
          • Social service partnerships
          • Basic needs support
          • Bilingual


    Medical Assistant
    Angel Kolaskinski, CMA

          • Direct patient care
          • Phlebotomy
          • Pharmacy as needed
          • Prevent Blindness screening




    • Schedule visits
    • Patient phone calls
    • Patient check-in


    Kim Spates

          • Maintain financial records
          • Payroll

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  • Board members and contact information

    Chair: Brent Buckley
    Managing partner, Buckley King
    T: 216-685-4801 |

    Vice Chair: Sue Deming, RN
    Retired, LakeHealth
    T: 440-488-0036 |

    Secretary: Mary Vavpetic
    Retired administrator, Cleveland Clinic
    T: 216-220-0270|

    Treasurer: Liz Lynch
    T: 216-401-5642 |


    Emily Currie-Manring
    Catholic Charities
    T: 216-469-0952 |

    William R. Fike, MD
    Cleveland Clinic
    T: 216-312-3584, 440-946-7476 |

    Deborah Friedman, MD

    Brandi Haught

    Drez Jennings
    Cleveland Clinic
    T: 440-479-4406, 440-354-6129

    Leslie Johns
    Ashley Jones Law
    T: 216-238-5893, 216-832-2074 |

    Maggie Keenan
    T: 2
    16-346-1232 |

    Loretta Kruse
    T: 440-840-1871 |

    Cindy Lord, PA-C
    Case Western Reserve University
    T: 203-671-2652 |


    Email us to update your contact information.

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