Response to Racism

Systemic racism is a disparity that has long permeated our community.  Lake County Free Clinic values the lives of our community members who face inequalities strictly due to their race or ethnicity. We stand with those who combat racism and stand with the statement issued by the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics. We will continue to work with others in the community to equalize opportunities for our neighbors.

LCFC has operated for nearly 50 years under the belief that Healthcare is a Right, not a Privilege.  Our provision of medical care addresses only one of the many disparities in our community and country.  These disparities prevent equal opportunities for education and employment. They impact the criminal justice and public safety systems. They keep patients from receiving equal treatment in the healthcare system, which, in its broadest sense, includes access to food, shelter and other basic human needs. These areas affect our entire community.

Every day, we can make changes. We are committed to:
-Listening with an open mind and heart.
-Learning from those who can teach us from their own experiences.
-Taking thoughtful actions in our daily lives based upon what we learn. Please join us.

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